The Andy Device Orthotics Placement

Thank you for your purchase or interest in the Andy Device.

Here we cover how to properly insert and wear your child’s custom-made orthotics from Pediatric Orthotics

Andy Device Custom Orthotics Placement Video

Providing a comfortable, supportive fit is crucial for the Andy Device to effectively treat your child’s flat feet. This video outlines step-by-step insertion and wear recommendations to maximize results from the custom orthotics.

Common Questions

You will receive your new Andy Device orthotics within 1o days from the time we receive your child’s foot impressions.

The Andy Device is designed to fit most shoe types, including cleats for sports. Look for shoes that accommodate inserts and have removable insoles.

For best results, the Andy Device should be worn daily during all activities. Work up to consistent wear gradually if your child is adjusting to the orthotic.

Most children experience benefits within 2 weeks of consistent wear. Significant relief of fatigue and pain is typical by weeks 4-6 as the child adapts to the orthotic.

The Andy Device comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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