The Andy Device™ Flat Feet Treatment for Children

Pediatric Orthotics for Flat Feet

Over-the-counter flat feet orthotics are one-size-fits-all and not very effective.

Prescribed orthotics are expensive and require numerous doctor visits.

The Andy Device™ flat feet custom orthotics offer the quality and effectiveness of a podiatrist prescribed orthotic without the need for numerous doctor appointments and a hefty medical bill.

Free shipping and money back guarantee.

Help your child take confident strides.

Promote correct foot alignment for optimal growth with the Andy Device™.

The Andy Device™

The first at home solution of its kind.

The Andy Device™ Pediatric Orthotic for Flat Feet is an innovative, at-home solution for flat feet in children. The Andy Device™ is a custom molded arch support orthotic that helps realign children’s feet into a more normal anatomical position. This reduces abnormal forces and stress on the bones, joints, and soft tissues of the foot.

The kit includes easy to follow instructions and real human support via phone, email or text.

  • Custom Molded Design Specifically From Your Child’s Feet for Maximum Effectiveness.
  • For Ages 4-18.
  • Easy to Follow Instructions.
  • Real Human Support.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Money-Back-Guarantee.
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Ordering The Andy Device For Flat Feet

Step 1 - Order Online

ORDER HERE. Your custom orthotics kit will arrive in 3 to 5 business days with everything you need and easy to follow directions.

Andy Device Slipper Socks

Step 2 - Apply Slipper Socks

Apply provided slipper sock(s) to your child's feet, spray with water (water bottle provided), and mold to the shape of the child's foot.

Andy Device Slipper Socks

Step 3 - Send to Lab

A pre-addressed box with pre-paid shipping is provided. After removing the slipper socks, put into box, and put in the mail.

Andy Device Inserts Product

Receive Orthotics!

Your Andy Device custom flat feet orthotics will be ready for your child to wear.

The Pediatric Orthotics Lab

Where the Andy Device™ and the Mikki Device™ are fabricated.

At the Pediatric Orthotics Lab, we specialize in fabricating custom orthotics tailored to your child’s specific needs. The process begins with you sending us a mold of your child’s foot, which we use as the basis for creating the orthotics.

When you receive your Andy Device Kit, you’ll find detailed instructions as well as the “socks” that you’ll use to create the mold. These socks are designed to capture the unique contours of your child’s foot, ensuring a precise and correct fit. To guide you through the at-home casting process, we’ve included step-by-step instructions and live support.

Developed Under the Guidance of a Pediatric Podiatrist

Dr. Mikkel Jarman is a Pediatric Podiatrist that specializes in custom orthotics for pediatric foot and ankle conditions. Dr. Jarman received his doctorate degree in Podiatric Medicine from The New York College of Podiatric Medicine, is a member of the American Podiatric AssociationAmerican College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons, American College of Foot & Ankle Pediatrics, and was awarded the Master HyProCure surgeon in June 2020. Dr. Jarman has a published research papers on Podiatry Today: “Can Early Correction Of Hyperpronation Help Prevent Secondary Deformities?”.

Andy Device FAQs

The Andy Device is a custom molded arch support that realigns the foot into a more normal anatomical position. This reduces stress across the bones, joints and soft tissues allowing children to walk, run and play without pain.

Most children experience benefits within 2 weeks of consistent wear. Significant relief of fatigue and pain is typical by weeks 4-6 as the child adapts to the orthotic.

The success rate is estimated to be around 85% for significantly improving pain and discomfort. Most children experience 60-90% improvement in baseline symptoms with proper fit and consistent use.

The Andy Device costs $397 with free shipping

After the lab receives your child’s foot molds, based on order volumes, it is estimated your child’s custom orthotics will ship in 2 weeks. Shipper tracking information will be emailed to you.

The Andy Device is recommended for children ages 4-18 years old. Children under 4 with symptoms should see a pediatric podiatrist.

No, the Andy Device is not typically covered by insurance when purchased online. Custom orthotics from a podiatrist’s office may have partial insurance coverage depending on the provider and insurance plan.